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Get to Know Me

Allow Yourself to Transform Into Who You Are Meant to Be

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my page. My name is Kelly Moore and as a counselor I work with clients as they explore ways to find alignment. What I have learned in the field is that when we are not in alignment with our needs and wants we are vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, and so much more. Many times the symptoms of these difficult feelings and emotions are our bodies' and minds' ways of seeking safety and security. Learning healthy ways to grow and become who we are desiring and destined to be can be hard, but much needed in creating the alignment we seek and need. True transformation creates space for us to become who we are meant to be. In working with me, I help clients explore their needs and wants, examine their boundaries, and challenge thoughts in order to define new behaviors.




Master's of Art in Counseling

Graduated from Wayland Baptist University. Completed coursework for specializations in Military Families & Culture and Career Counseling.

Currently a doctoral student at University of the Cumberlands for Counselor Education and Supervision.


LPC-MHSP (temporary)

Currently, LPC-MHSP (temporary)


Strong Interest Inventory | Myers Brigg Type Indicator

Completed certification programs to administer and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as personality and career interest assessments.

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